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Organisational targets differ from company to company and the way in which these targets are being met differs. The common denominators within any company are the people responsible for achieving these goals. Services are being delivered by the human capital within organisations. Companies do not develop revenues, they develop people and they in turn establish revenues.

As our world is constantly changing, all companies must look ahead in order to maintain growth, analyse trends and understand the influences that could determine their future. These principles apply to the company as well as their clients. The consultants of Optimus Acorro apply these principles and offer innovative solutions to companies to become and to stay successful.

Performance. By People.

At Optimus Acorro our focus is on supporting companies in developing their human resources for exceptional and continuous performance, immediately and well into the future.

Integrated approach

Our consultants use an innovative approach, one of which is to initiate change and to anchor this change into the organization.

These changes could range from support for people management to human capital strategy, organisational design, workforce analytics, talent development, leading change projects or increased team effectiveness or any other human resource topic.

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Our consultants can implement and execute any of the above, in close cooperation with our clients. More info

Optimus Acorro Training en coaching

Based on the above we offer specific coaching and training which will add significant value to our clients. More info

Optimus Acorro Interim management

Human Capital and People Management is our priority as well as our core value at Optimus Acorro. More info

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Optimus Acorro combines client focus and long-standing expertise in the area of Human Resources (HR). In the course of time, many small and large companies made use of our consultants.