What would you expect?

by admin

What would you expect?

by admin

by admin

In our team meetings we talk about work, but clearly we also share personal matters. What have you been up to? What’s keeping you busy? Coincidentally some team members are in the middle of moving houses, including myself. And of course a story about a delivery that goes wrong has more attention than one that went well.



Everything for a smile!

I ordered a new washing machine online and the next day it got installed in my home. I ordered the dryer somewhere else, because that saved me almost € 250, -. Is this a good buy? Time will tell. What I do know is that the washing machine was brought up to the attic however the dryer I had to take up to the attic myself. Which was something I had not anticipated on. Both suppliers sent me an email afterwards asking if I would like to share my experiences. And when sharing it on social media, I had the chance of winning a price. I am not inclined in any way to participate because I got what I had ordered. One of the deliveries met my expectations and the other one did not quite meet my expectations, but I can live with that.

Social Media

New furniture I have selected when visiting a “real” store and immediately I placed an order for multiple pieces, including custom made furniture. The first part of the delivery was completely as expected, but the custom made furniture was not. In fact, after waiting four (!) times at home for the delivery, I did still not receive the custom made furniture. I decided to cancel my order and asked the store for a proper solution.
The store owner promised me that the furniture could still be made elsewhere at an additional cost. I will save the details but although I thought I had bought a Ferrari, this store explained to me that I should never have expected a Ferrari.
Making mistakes is ok, but running away from your responsibility is not ok. The funny thing is that I now do feel inclined to share my experience on social media.

Managing expectations

Why don´t I want to give a compliment to the party that is doing something right, but do I like to warn others for the party that is running away from its responsibility? The conclusion is that it ultimately revolves around expectations.
When a delivery is made as agreed, I am willing to thank the supplier. But does that have to be publicly? It was as expected and not exceptional. If something is not done, or not according to agreement, that can happen. I do not want to put companies in a bad light because errors at the end are sometimes made. So that does not have to be public. At least as long as one takes responsibility and resolves matters to the satisfaction of the customer. For whom it is ultimately being done, right?

Customer Focus

Do you remember who is your real customer? When do they get a smile on their face? My personal motivation is that the customers of Optimus Acorro are satisfied with the services we provide because we make clear agreements upfront and coordinate mutual expectations. And our ultimate goal is to exceed those expectations.

What do you expect from us? Let us know!

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